New Online Beginners’ Class

With the Coronavirus pandemic upon us we have two choices – to bow down and give in or pick up our pencils and draw! ✏️
I am currently preparing a virtual 6 week drawing course for my beginner’s class next term so am going to extend this offer to anyone that is stuck at home as a result of the pandemic and would like to take part.

This will cover the basics of drawing – how to start your drawing, using line, light and shade, shading and texture, composition, drawing still life, hands etc.

It will require you to buy a few basic art materials, just pencils and paper to begin with which I will send links to online.
I will be on hand by phone or email to assist and support throughout the task and will then, after receiving your images, critique your work individually.

My current class have completed the remainder of last term in this way and they are already commenting on how much they are enjoying the calming and stress relieving benefits of a couple of hours drawing. More details on the art classes page on my site.