Rare UK Species Project

This series of images combine my love of art and nature. When we think of extinction we often think of tigers and elephants and are perhaps unaware that it is happening under our noses.

I have produced these images using relevant mediums and techniques that link to the threat to each species. All of these species are down to critical levels in our country.

All of the images are available as giclée prints at £60 each plus £10 post and packing (Royal Mail signed for) and I will make a 10% donation from each sale to the Wildlife Trusts

The hazel dormouse was drawn with a hazel twig and ink, and features real hazel leaves and leaf prints in the collaged surround. It has lost its habitat due to changes in forestry practices.

The high brown fritillary butterfly and the shrill carder bee were painted using pigment made from newbuild house brick dust and the sprayed stencil effect background features wheat and rapeseed, two crops that are sprayed with harmful pesticides. The teardrop collage is made from a new build housing brochure. Habitat loss and pesticides are the greatest threats to these species.

The black rat is very nearly extinct in Britain. Its main threat is competition form the common brown rat and it also gets poisoned with the more common species. The artwork features foot and tail prints from a brown rat. The collaged stars are made from a rat bait label.

The hen harrier is drawn in ink using a red grouse feather and is surrounded by red grouse feathers. The paper was shot in the centre with shotgun and is peppered with shot holes.The hen harrier is persecuted on grouse moors and is often shot or poisoned. The donation for this image will be to the RSPB